ABOUT US Shandong is the new material technology co., LTD

Shandong is the new material technology co., LTD is a professional engaged in reaction sintered silicon carbide ceramics, silicon nitride, composite materials products enterprises, the company was established in February 2016, covers an area of 60 mu, investment of more than 3800 ten thousand yuan, annual production capacity of 600 tons, the production technology and equipment have reached the world advanced level. Main products are: reaction sintered silicon carbide bar, clubs, flame mouth, air cooling tube, thermocouple protection tube, radiant tube, desulfurization nozzle, wear resistant lining materials, corrosion resistant impeller, blast nozzle, shed board, sagger, switches, seals and various special-shaped pieces.
Company has more than 20 square meters of production base and research and development center.

  • 200000 Construction area of
  • 4000people employees
  • 70people The r&d team
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Lean management - a world-class enterprise competitive advantage! Full participation, strengthen management, strives for perfection, casting quality, to seek a better way To solve the problem.


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